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Specialist in Cylindrical Grinding Job Works, Precision Machines Components,
Precision job work

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Micronix Enterprises
S.No.144, Pune - Saswad Road,
Near Over Bridge, Ganeshnagar, Phursungi,
Pune - 412308.,
Cell :+91-98228 71419

We activity also includes Ancillaries For Dies, Bearing Cap, Bearing Housing, Belt Supporting Rollers, Chain Conveyor Shaft, Combined Precision Components, Dies Parts, Drive Rollers, Drive Shaft, Driven Rollers, Driven Shaft, Eccentric Shafts, Fabrication & Machining For Medium Type SPM, Free Rollers, Gearbox Output Shaft, Hard Chrome Plated Rollers, Hardened Guide Bars, Hollow Type Of Guide Bars, Idler Conveyor Rollers, Industrial Precision Components, Industrial Purpose Polyvinyl Chloride Roller, Internal Grinding Job Work, Lead Screw, Leadnut, Locator, Machined Shaft, Magnetic Stater, Mild Steel Rollers, Milling Machine Job Work, Motor Shafts, Pivot Pin, Plain Rollers, Power Roller Assemblies For Conveyor, Power Roller Assemblies For Conveyors, Precise Lead Screw, Precise Parts, Precise Rollers, Precise Shaft, Precision Boring Works, Precision Engineering Parts, Precision Part On Computer Numerical Control, Precision Part On Horizontal Machining Center, Precision Part On Vertical Machining Center, Precision Parts On Computer Numerical Control, Precision Parts On Horizontal Machining Center, Precision Parts On Vertical Machining Center, Roller Assemblies, Roller Sub Assembly, Roller With Sprocket, Rotor Shaft, Shafts, SS304 Rollers, Sub Assemblies For Gear Boxes, Taper Bush, Taper Ended Shafts Or Taper Gauges, Taper Shaft, Tool Room Activity, Tool Room Job Work, Turning And Grinding Shafts, Turning Job Work, VMC Job Work, Zink Plated Rollers etc.
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